The Squeegee

The hand-held window squeegee is the basic tool for the professional window cleaner. This has a handle and a channel, the channel houses a thin rubber blade that  is used to remove the soapy  water from a glass surface. A soapy water solution acts as a lubricant and breaks up the dirt, then the squeegee is used to draw the dirt off the glass leaving a clean surface.

There are many brands and types of squeegees that are available to the professional window cleaner. Many window cleaners have a strong preference for their own brands and use the squeegee in a variety of ways that gets the job done in their own way.

Window Wipers is Perth commercial window cleaning specialist, we use several different squeegees for various purposes. For example, we use this one (see the photo below) for our Rope Access team whilst they are abseiling because it has the mop and the squeegee as one tool. This is preferable because when we work at height you need to have a lanyard on our tools if you had both a mop and the squeegee separately in the bucket the would constantly get tangled causing too much time bring spent untangling them.