The commercial window cleaning industry over the last few years has been (surprise surprise) a very proactive and innovative industry. This week we talk about another tool of that professional window cleaners use. It is a tool that allows that us to clean a multi storey commercial or residential building from the ground.

In the past many of these buildings would have done been done with very tall ladders, putting many people at risk.  This innovative tool is known by several names, depending on mostly where you reside in the UK for example it is called reach and wash and here in Australia we call it a Water Fed System. One name describes what it does is reaches and washes the window and the other describes how it works pumping purified water that is fed through the system up into a pole and that water is pumped into a brush head that cleans the window.

At Window Wipers, a Perth based commercial window cleaning specialist with 25 years looking after commercial high-rise low rise and even single storey buildings we simply call it a water pole.

Today we’re going to discuss how the water pole works and the benefits to both the professional window cleaner and the client.

We have heard of companies cleaning 5 and 6 storey buildings with this equipment  however at Window Wipers it is our policy to do a maximum height of 4 storeys this way it  guarantees quality and eliminates the risk of the water pole becoming less controllable on high rise buildings. Any building above 4 storeys we prefer to Rope Access or using EWP. (Elevated Work Platform).



It Work’s by Purifying the Water


Tap water is full of sediments and minerals. It’s these impurities that cause spotting and streaking when tap water is left to dry on a surface of a window. The intensity of these impurities varies and is different in Perth suburbs where the impurities can be higher  the water fed pole system purifies this  water.

Window cleaners purify their water by passing it through a series of filters and resins, making use of processes like reverse osmosis and deionisation. This purified water then runs directly into a special hose which feeds through a telescopic carbon fibre pole and out through a brush head where jets of purified water come out through the brush head to help wash the windows.

The windows still must be thoroughly cleaned, the window cleaner scrubs and rinses away any dirt. Because the cleaning process has used pure water the windows can then be left to dry naturally, with a perfect, crystal clear finish.

The professional window cleaner knows to regularly test the quality of the water with a TDS meter or a (Total Dissolved Solids meter) looking for a of zero reading. Once all the impurities have been removed from the water, you no longer need soaps or squeegees to remove the dirt on the glass. Pure water that has a TDS reading of zero is extremely good at removing dirt. Pure water attracts any dirt on the glass and with the right technique removes it effectively.



The water pole system is a very flexible tool and can be  set up as a  Backpacks, on Trolleys, a  trailer and even in  Van.

Benefits of using water pole

The Safe option

Safety is a big factor using the water pole as it reduces the use of ladders on many jobs and therefore the need for the window cleaner to put themselves in precarious positions

Water poles allow you to clean windows up to 4 stories  high with the operator’s feet planted safely on the ground!



Environmentally Friendly

Water poles allow us to clean windows without the use of harmful soaps or chemicals making the process more streamlined and environmentally friendly which is a huge plus. More and more customers are becoming environmentally conscious and aware of the dangers and damage that certain detergents, soaps, and chemicals can cause.


Spotless/Better Clean

Water fed equipment provides a better clean most of the time over traditional window cleaning methods. Pure water cleaning uses only water that is purified. Any impurities such as dissolved solids such as minerals, salts, metals, etc. have been removed from it.leaving the window spotless and shinin




Water fed poles are versatile in that they let you reach jobs that would simply not be able to get done with a squeegee. Trees or obstacles in the way? High reach windows?

  • In fact, there are so many uses for water fed poles!
  • Cleaning solar panels?
  • High windows
  • Residential and commercial windows
  • You can also reach your high and angled windows, such as skylights water poles do a great job of cleaning frames as well.

It Gets Those Big Jobs Done

The biggest advantage water fed poles pose is being able to reach higher. And you can have several practitioners doing the job at he same time.


Continuing innovations

The window cleaning industry has seen so many revolutionary new products and advancements in the area of water pole window cleaning! Each year new products come out that can make your job faster and more efficient.

Window cleaning is a physically demanding job. The Carbon fibre poles are  lightweight and strong  and safe for use up to 4 stories .



Your customers can benefit from water pole equipment as it delivers the same great results as traditional cleaning in a safer manner.

Using the water pole is less of an inconvenience to clients who can maintain their privacy and reduce the risks of any disturbances.