When we are contracted to access commercial high rise or multi storey buildings for our clients there are lots of factors to consider.

There is a lot of careful planning surrounding the integrity of the buildings and the safety of everyone involved in the job, with the key priority meeting safety standard and client protocols.  These include

  • Where is the location on the building?

  • What are the equipment and tools that are going to be required to do the job?

  • Can we do this in work hours or after hours?

  • Can it be done via rope access?
    Industrial Rope Access Window Cleaning

    • If so, are there any anchor points on the roof that are certified and ready to go?

    • Will it need an elevated work platform. If we use an EWP then do we need a Council permit?

      • If so how long will it take to receive one?

      • If not what other options do we have to access this area?

  • Is there a BMU or building maintenance unit ? and has it been serviced and tested?

  • Does the client require us to use it as preference to rope access?

  • What is its limitations for getting the job done?

  • Can we get the job done from the ground level?

  • What is the safest and the most cost-effective way of accessing the area?

  • What are the safety requirements for the job?

  • Have we prepared a method statement clarifying how we intend to  do the job and what safety issues need to be taken into account and addressed?

  • Do we need a level 3 rope access technician on this job?

We hope by sharing this information with you, you will understand we take our responsibility seriously and that our job is not as easy as perhaps we make it look. To come to the right conclusions to get the job done and to keep everybody safe, each and every one of these questions needs deliberation and thorough consideration when deciding the work method to apply.

We hope this give you an insight to how we work.