Tools of the Commercial Window Cleaner in Perth

Window Wipers the preferred commercial window cleaner in Perth. Cleaning windows can be a straightforward process or a highly complex. It's important for us as professional commercial window cleaners in Perth to consider all the tools of the trade allowing us access to challenging areas of a building and ensuring the site is safe for

2021-01-07T14:06:54+08:00November 26th, 2020|

Make Sure Your Solar Panel Installer Isn’t Voiding Roof Top Anchor Points Safety Systems

We are seeing the use of solar panels in the commercial sector becoming more and more popular and rightly so as it’s highly beneficial for the environment. The problem we are seeing is the installation of the solar panels being positioned over the top, or very close to existing roof top safety systems; therefore, rendering

2021-01-07T14:06:55+08:00November 23rd, 2018|
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