Put simply, Pure Water Technology can deliver a more efficient, more effective and safer cleaning service in less time.

Pure Water Technology uses a powerful filtration process that purifies the water that’s pumped through a telescopic pole and up to a brush head to reach the surface being cleaned.  As there is no soap or chemicals used or residue that may create water stains later, this 100% pure water leaves no marks when it dries and keeps windows cleaner for longer.

An added benefit of using high performance water fed poles is the ability to remove dirt from the grooves of window frames at the same time as cleaning windows.  In fact, many other types of surfaces can be cleaned using this clever system including fascia, garage doors and more.

This method of cleaning is also safer, as it enables workers to be positioned on the ground, keeping accidents at a minimum and allowing a faster job than when working at heights.  As high access equipment is not required (for areas up to 4 floors in height) plus the ability to reach windows in places too dangerous to position a ladder, this technique reduces risk and avoids injury.

Here is a summary of the main benefits of using Pure Water Technology:

  • Cleans windows and frames
  • No need for ladders, or high access equipment (for areas up to 4 floors)
  • Reduced health & safety risks
  • Cleans windows, facades, fascia, soffits, guttering, garage doors, solar panels, glass roofs, and cladding
  • Cleaning crew work from the safety of the ground
  • Can reach previously inaccessible areas and windows over sloped roofs and skylights
  • No chemicals are used, so it’s environmentally friendly
  • Can take less time than using a squeegee or high access equipment

Pure Water Technology is a highly efficient and a more environmentally friendly method of cleaning windows and facades.  It offers many advantages and benefits, making it a more viable and cost effective option for façade cleaning.

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